Sizzla – You & I Lyrics

Girl I just can’t do without you
That’s true
There’s no way to turn away
That mi thinking all about you
I do, your all on my mind everyday

Your loving makes me happy
For sure
Girl I wouldn’t put you lest
Nothing gonna stop me, no more
Girl you got the goodness

Girl it’s you and I doing right
Baby what good news
Hug mi tight, treat mi right
When the world gone few

Girl put away all your childish with you
Cause when your not here baby girl I miss you

(Verse 1)
Baby, baby am yearning
Baby, baby, am burning
Hey girl am concerning
Godda keep the table turning
And when the night so cold
Girl you need me to hold you
Get it in control
Love you to my heart an soul

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Your love is the greatest
I had ever found
Girl you know my love is true
And I just love it
When your around
Girl I just can’t get my mind off you
We left our bad days in the past
Because I know our love will lost
My heart is filled with love
Flowing like a fountain
Just to have you near me girl
That’s what really count’s

(Repeat Chorus)