Buju Banton Co-Accused To Be Released From Prison This Month

One of Buju Banton’s co-accused has been released from prison and another one will be released later this month.

Buju Banton fans are angry that Ian Thomas, one of the men arrested with Buju Banton in 2009 was released from prison and another, James Mack will soon walk free.

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According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons website, Thomas was released on August 23. Another co-accused, James Mack is schedule for release on November 11.

Both men were arrested in a police operation at a warehouse in Florida in 2009. Buju Banton was later arrested at his home in Tamarac, Florida. He was captured on camera tasting cocaine.

Thomas and Mack took a plea deal to testify against Buju Banton and received a lesser sentenced.

Banton, born Mark Myrie, was found guilty on three counts of drug trafficking charges and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

A firearm was found in a car James Mack was driving. However, the gun charge was dropped during the trial by the judge presiding over Buju Banton’s case.

Buju Banton is schedule for release in 2019 and will be deported to Jamaica.

Do you think Buju Banton co-accused should be allowed to walk free while he serve 10 years in prison?

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  1. It’s so stupid; they ruined him. I totally will go see him in concert when he gets out

  2. do the crime, do the time.. what rasta man a do around coke…want all lose all..

  3. Free mi black bredda buju banton and lock up word bi–h

  4. Jah knw gun shot fi dem boy deh who walk free is a set up thing free mi black bredda buju banton and lock up world bi–h with him batty mon laugh dutty devil

  5. It couldn’t be more clearer that Buju Banton was set by someone maybe the gays or maybe these guys have something against him. But how two man arrested for the same crime walk free in just three years and one man still a serve 10 years. f**kery