Bounty Killer – Obvious Lyrics

Politician unuh thank this is a secret
From morning how much youth no eat yet
Unuh treat the people them like reject
Yo plant even seeds you must expect fi reap it

It’s obvious, ghetto lifestyle is fabulous
So why politician keep robbing us?
And they know that we don’t have enough
They don’t wanna see we get extra pay
Even though wi work all extra day
So them try tie mi down
Who them try fi dumb
No Mrs Ivy son

(Verse 1)
Well in this life all Rodney do a live fi survive
Check the days of the years the youths dead 365
The no waan ghetto pickney rise
Yo si Rodney Price shoes, none cyaa fit the size
You no si weh mi si with mi eyes
Si the youths getting victimize
If funny as you si the ghetto youths police guns quick fi rise
That’s why them carry the extra clip on site
Rubber grip beside, fi put bullet bi twitch yo eyes
So watch who you sit beside
Nough waan be a snitch fi slide
But you don’t haffi slip fi slide
Caw mi know wi and yo bi–h resign
Yow the street is rep to be
This leg will meet especially anytime when you meet the feds
You no sleep fi head, the shot you left you in a the jeep fi dead
Just believe mi dread

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Well wi angry, the youths them pon the corner sin
The system stay a way meck the pastor sin
Rob the offering and gone foreign
That’s why a white rum the youths them get caught a drink
From Ivan nough house no have a sink
Some cyaa buy soap si the arm a stink
Caw the hustling weh did a gwaan pon the corner shrink
From ever since police cut the marihuana link
You si the crime rate, don’t talk a thing
You no waan find like informer chink
Them find half a him, the next half wid the shark a swim
When the woman and are daughter sprint
The crime scene shi cut like Author Win
No, shi no walk deh so after since
Not even likkle pickny in a the park a sing
My God, this is not a saga thing

(Repeat Chorus)