Gays Taking Over New Kingston, Harassing Straight Men

Who would have thought straight men in Jamaica would become afraid of gays.

After being dubbed the most homophobic place on earth, one would think gays in Jamaica are buried deep under piles of cloth in their closets.

New Kingston is fast becoming the headquarters for homosexuals in Jamaica and heterosexual men are complaining bitterly of being constantly harassed.

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Police officers says they have been getting a lot of complain from straight men that they are being harassed by cross-dressers in New Kingston business district on a daily basis.

“We haven’t made any arrests so far in relation to that because the men are usually afraid to point them out because of the stigma of being touched up by a homosexual,” one officer told the Star.

One cross-dresser say they are unapologetic about their behavior because they are in their territory.

“I am in my zone doing my work, my job is to do my work and go home,” he said. “I do attract straight men, I just can’t keep them off me.”

Earlier this year some dancehall artists were voicing their concerns about gay prostitution in New Kingston. However, most artists these days have toned down their lyrics and their stance on homosexuality fearing a backlash when they go on tours overseas.