Chronixx On Vybz Kartel Statement, “I Pray For Him”

Clearly, Chronixx is not a fan of Vybz Kartel.

More and more reggae and dancehall artists are stepping forward to give their piece on Vybz Kartel’s recent controversial statement that dancehall is in jail.

“Dancehall is in jail,” Vybz Kartel insist.

Speaking with Anthony Miller of ER, Chronixx says he can only pray for Vybz Kartel to be released from jail.

“I would want that artists whoever he is to come out of lockup,” Chronixx said while choosing his words carefully.

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“I pray day and night because in life I like when all battles are fade. I pray day and night because this is music and jah choose his chief angels from centuries ago,” Chronixx added.

In his controversial statement, Vybz Kartel insist that dancehall has been fading since his incarceration in 2011 and roots reggae has been taking over the airwaves.

Watch Chronixx interview below.


  1. shutyourmouthuseyourbrain

    I really like Chronixx. Kartel is not my type but I also pray for him. Nobody should be wrongfully locked down. Justice delayed is justice denied. Bless

  2. may the creator keep chronixx safe from the evil animals of this planet, o almighty God keep chroniss safe and have mercy upon chronixx so that chronixx can deliver the message of the creator for the people

  3. the creator bless your soul chronixx, dont be afraid the lord is with you chronixx.

  4. Music is an expression, like many other stuff spewing from us as humans. Music depicts our reality, and if it’s not in our reality, then it will never becomes music, but also, music is poetic, which sometimes stuff with imaginative languages in order to accentuate a particular mood and meaning.

  5. I think every artists want to say something but most of them afraid. props to all who speak out.