Busy Signal – Cant Tickle Me Lyrics

Hey mi linky
Dem cyan used Hennessy and trick mi
No bwoy cayn buy mi out
Hot head another one again
Another one, touch road again

No bwoy cayn tickle mi, mi no laugh like a gyal
Stand up defend mi things mi no take off like a gyal
Serious fi the food mi linky dem a no pretender
How some man a giggle like the feminine gender
Gangsters no money cyan catch mi like gyal
No bwoy cyan rose Moet mi like gyal
Hey just member dem cyan buy mi out
Mi in a mi own a things so dem cyan dash mi out

(Verse 1)
Hey first of all mi no chase spliff tail
No bwoy cyan scratch mi cause mi no fish tail
The Eden a fight caw dem waan si mi fail
Mi no care who a play first hail
Meck mi tell you this mi a one bwoy naw drop mi guard
Reach a mi gate no bwoy cyan black mi yard
No bwoy cyan trick mi or beat mi like pickiny
And program mi like sim card

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
The big difference wid mi an some bwoy is
Me bless while nuff a dem a crosses
Hunt the food cause mi naw take no loses
Dem a teach bay donce in a the classes
Mi a bwoy mi no work wid no boss man
Mi a hot head yeh kill all the crass one
Si dem a mash up an a try fi push a fast one
Ketchup dem a play but gangster a the pepper sauce one

(Repeat Chorus)

Dem cyan trick mi wid rose Moet
Dem cyan trick mi wid no Hennessy
Si dem a hype an a gwann noovle
But when dem get the vic weh dem a move go yo zeet

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)


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