25 Celebrities Who Rocked Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks can be traced back to ancient Egypt and North Africa, but it was Bob Marley and the Rastafarian movement of the 1960s and 70s that transcend the wearing of dreads into popular culture.

These days dreadlocks is not synonymous to only Rastafarian culture, but has become more of a fashion statement to many including some big name celebrities.

Check out 25 celebrities who is rocking or have rocked dreadlocks.

Bob Marley dreadlocks

Bob Marley is the godfather of dreadlocks.

Buju Banton dreadlocks

Buju Banton still rock his dreadlocks even from behind bars.

Busta Rhymes dreadlocks

Busta Rhymes had one of the most bizarre dreadlocks of all the celebs before chopping it off.

Chris Bosh dreads

Miami Heats star Chris Bosh once rocked dreadlocks.

Chris Johnson dreadlocks

NFL star Chris Johnson still rock his dreadlocks.

Lil Wayne dreadlocks

Lil Wayne is no doubt a big fan of dreadlocks.

Beenie Man dreadlocks

Beenie Man locks is still up for debate.

Malcolm-Jamal Warner dreads

Actor Malcolm-Jamal Warner use to wear dreads.

Spragga Benz

Shakira dreadlocks

Shakira once experiment with dreads.

Sizzla dreads

Sizzla has been a dreadlocks for almost all of his career.

Sway Calloway dreadlocks

MTV personality Sway Calloway is still a dread.

T-Pain dreadlocks

T-Pain is the most recent celebrity to cut his dreads off.

Wale dreads

MMG rapper Wale still rocking his dread.

Wyclef Jean dreads

Wyclef Jean use to rock his dreads back in the Fugees days.

2 Chainz dreadlocks

2 Chainz is one of the most stylish dreadlocks in the game.

Damian Marley longest dreads

Damian Marley take the prize for the longest dreads.

Goapele dreadlocks

Goapele once use to be a proud dreadlocks.

Jason Momoa dreadlocks

Actor Jason Momoa use to rock dreads but some acting roles may forced him to cut it off.

Kim Fields dreads

Kim Fields use to rock her dreads.

Lauryn Hill dreadlocks

Lauryn Hill use to rock dreads but not anymore.

Ledisi dreadlocks

Singer-songwriter Ledisi still rock dreads.

Lenny Kravitz use to be a proud dreadlocks.

Lisa Bonet dreadlocks

Actress Lisa Bonet is still a dreadlocks.

Whoopi Goldberg dreadlocks

Whoopi Goldberg probably will never cut her dreads off.