Khago – Road Dawg Lyrics


Crush road hard, road dawg
Deh party yah clip off

Gangster just have one shot too many
Yea after the Henny
And the party just start clip off
But me frass already
Yo know seh mi specialize inna dem dorio
Me an the gyal dem a cuddle up
High grade buss inna mi head
Mi feel fi stur trouble up

We crush road, we crush road
We crush road
Caw wi crush road hard
Caw wi crush road hard
Call mi di old dog

We crush road, we crush road
We crush road
Rotten crush road hard
Rotten crush road hard
Call mi the old dog

(Verse 1)
Mi enemy like a gyal weh m i clip already
So mi move to the next friend balance off dem
For 3000 gyal cyaa done mi salary
So mi lock off the bar fi the gyal dem prove
Flossing gangster wi go all out full
Fa champagne bottle haffi pull
Wi no love gyal weh stush give wi dem awful
Weh drunk an waan belly full

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
So mi link up mi drinking spary
And him call in him smoking chargy
Colla calling 8 4 mi go through mi gate hey
Done know mi a yardy
Hey the party it clip off fancy
Mi brain it a lift off like plain
Mi no care weh nobody waan seh
Mister I mi no know mi name

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)