Tommy Lee Sparta Ft. Megah Banton – Unkind Lyrics

Them know wi no bloodcl*** easy
Stepping on crime wi no trust mankind
Mi fing unkind when wi a
Pine, hollow point pop spine
Copper chop him up fine body parts cyaa find

How fi meck duppy oh Frankenstein
Hang yo mother wid the card telephone land line
Send hi wid the 9 wi all take time
Mi a clop it and a squeeze hi
Mi naw take time

(Verse 1)
Anybody violate a go dead
Mi no matter gyal, mi no matter which man
Go fi them neatly, somebody head haffi go left inna the rubbish pan
Ride by mi go gi them hi
Left the bike pon the side walk pon the kick stand
Go round the corner clop it up
Them a bwal Jesus like them a christian

Serious time but a no, no gyptian
Fi kill people yeh mi have an addiction
The pu**y claat K from Afghanistan
Longer than the rass broom weh yo si the witch pon

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi buss gun, likkle bwoy buss pop shot
Mi no si no weh inna yo face weh fi stop shot
When bad people a talk mi seh stop chat
Duppy bat tek weh yo haffi get a fat shot

Real thing, bule steel a no plastic
Clop it up somebody head a pop like elastic
Dive inna guy face deal wid him drastic
Weh yo funeral and mi go done another clip inna yo casket

No fear police siren
How you fi dis Tommy Lee
What a climbing
When mi drive up, corolla a drive in
Bathe inna copper shot, take a proper hygiene
Galian that spider
World war 3, Taliban and Alkaida
Co, do, do, get away, get away drive
All now mi no si no survivor

(Repeat Chorus)