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Shebada Talks Being Gay And Getting Hate From Dancehall [VIDEO]

Popular Jamaican comedian Keith “Shebada” Ramsey sat down for an interview with Winford Williams last weekend.

Shebada is widely regarding as the new face of comedy in Jamaica but his fame didn’t come without some harsh backlash from dancehall.

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Since getting his big break in acting, Shebada has been the subject of homophobic lyrics from the likes of Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Vybz Kartel and more dancehall acts.

According to the “Bashment Granny” star, dancehall artists used him as props to make their music sound good. But he flip the script and use those artists as promotion.

“I won’t really say they hate me but they use me as props to make the music sound good and just to gain recognition and hype,” Shebada told Winford. “The first time I heard a song that say ‘bullet in Shebada face’… at first it was frightening but then I looked at it and say if they can promote me then overseas people are going to want to know who they are talking about.”

Shebada, who is widely regarded as gay, says he is able to move around in Jamaica freely without being attacked or harassed. The comedian also explained why he thinks Jamaica is not the most homophobic place on earth.

“Jamaica pretend to be the most homophobic place,” Shebada said. “Because why are they fighting for a visa to go to places where gay is legal… Artists regularly work for promoters who are gay.”

Shebada also says he has plans to launch a career in dancehall.

Watch the interview below.


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  2. I love Shebada in the comedy. He is funny and affluent. Talented. So what if he is gay. He can take a statement, and give a statement, just the same as anyone else. He has earned it. I don’t think when people watch him on stage they see him as gay. He makes this transparent in his performances, after all it is about the acting.

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  4. He has a point about visa if u don’t like gay people why u fighting for visa to go in there country .The only person who is not fighting to get a visa is Bounty Killer . I don’t care what people want to be not my business

  5. Odane Odane Odane

    shebada you must be stark raving mad! the comments you uttered are quite baseless and doesnt depict the majority of the populace. While you can parade around in your prado along with your car full of security guards majority of Jamaicans in the LGBT community cannot afford such luxury.