Busy Signal – The Way You Love Me Lyrics

Girl you know I can’t live my life without you
Your my world am so crazy about you
You always there for me
Always there for me whenever
An girl my fantasy, is me an you forever

I cant live without your love girl
I cant live without you love baby

(Verse 1)
Girl the way you love me
Girl the way you love me
Mi need you girl
Inna mi arms, inna mi life, girl mi want you stay
Give him a chance inna mi heart you will never stray
Way you love me, no red card, no foul play whenever wi a play
Yes gyal mi need you every day inna every way
An anytime yo call mi gyal mi deh deh wid no delay
Till death do us gyal an that’s the only way
Some approach you with lots og jello, but tell dem a forever wi a go stay

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

(Verse 2)
Wonder gyal, one ring, then one answer
You a the only girl mi care an response fa
Mi hold you tight is like a you mi get mi hands fa
The feel of you love is more than a bonanza
Babes, baby, honey bun, cutie pie, sugar lips
Mi chullo lups girl mi naw leave you alone
Hug mi up gimmi a chups gyal
Cant live without you love, your love
I cant live without you love girl
You and me forever baby
And we’ll always be forever

(Repeat Verse 1 first 6 lines)