Tessanne Chin Receives Overwhelming Support From Fans & Celebrities

Tessanne Chin is receiving a lot of attention today and without doubts she deserves every bit of it.

The reggae singer wowed the judges and the audience on last night’s episode of The Voice aired on NBC.

VIDEO: Watch Tessanne Chin Performing “Try” On The Voice Audition

Tessanne performed Pink’s single “Try” prompting all four judges to turn around and fight for her. But in the end she chooses Adam Levine.

Since her performance, Tessanne Chin has received overwhelming support from both fans and celebrities alike including her sister Tami Chynn.

Tami Chynn and Tessanne Chin

Tami Chynn posted the above photo on Facebook showing Tessanne Chin in tears after her performance was aired.

“This pretty much summed up my night!!! i have no words to describe the pride i felt tonight!!! @thebestess you are incredible and i’m so glad that so many got to see who you truly are!!! LOVE YOU #sissypoo,” Tami Chynn wrote.

Tessanne Tami and dad Richard

Tessanne Chin, her sister Tami Chynn, and her father Richard Chin, celebrated her achievement in Kingston last.

Adam Levine, the lead singer of Maroon 5, touted Tessanne as having a good chance to win The Voice this year.

“You can easily win The Voice this year I have no doubt in my mind,” Adam said.