Jah Vinci – Tower Of Strength Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Another month mi a look pon another bill
And mi cyaa find the first dine
You ever face stress cyaa find happiness
Waan rich you a wonder when a your time
You ever grab a bible and skip to a psalm
You feel good from you read the first line
And even though them a stress yo
Yo know Jah, Jah, bless yo
Wi have life so wi naw stop try

And I love that Jah will be my tower of strength
He will know it’s me alone, Jah will prevail
Jah give me strength, I carry on
Jah give me strength, I carry on

(Verse 2)
You ever feel when hungry a bore
You no have no money fi go visit no store
When rain a fall and yo house get wet up
You have to meck up waan bed pon the floor
And when yo feel like yo problem down now
You get leek with a million more
But with faith you a pray, you a look to the sky
And yo know Jah Jah, deh deh, fi sure

(Repeat Chorus)

Our Father who art in heaven
Allowed be thy name
Never gonna be, no, no, am never gonna be
Never gonna be the same

(Repeat Chorus 2X)