Aidonia – My Life Bless Lyrics

Stinking dutty mouth people
Gwaan chat, go s**k unuh momma
Gwaan chat, God bless unuh cyaa stop
Wi heading to di rass top

So move wid yo dutty heart
F**K off wid witch craft
Caw that cyaa work

(Verse 1)
Dutty mouth yuh fi brush yo teeth bad breath
A sprinkle dem oil and dem have trap set
Dem waan si mi meck a bad step and pop neck
Dem waan mi maga down, sit down and fret
Mi nah fret, mi nah fret
Mi God bless, a smile and a talk bout di youth weh mi get
And di woman a mi yard how shi cute like a preps
And inna dem heart dem waan send mister death

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi a tell dem
Wi burn parasite
Burn hypocrite
Bun fake friend
Mi no need dem
Dem a smile and wi know dem a Eden
Waan si mi lock up, no waan mi have mi freedom
Dem a watch mi, dem a chat mi
Dem waan mi head buss like cropry
Some a fight mi, and a hide mi
But mi bless by di almighty

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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