Agent Sasco – King Of The Jungle Lyrics

Man a lion, king of the jungle
And dem fi know seh wi dawg dem
Seh dem no bark and rumble
Humble calf get di most milk
A that’s why we humble

Yeh dem fi know seh man a lion
King a di jungle

(Verse 1)
Woman dem seh that wi a dawg
And dem seh that wi a cheater
Dem call wi shamanistic figure kind a creature
But wait, weh di chicken head dem get dem beak fa?
When all di cougar dem a look fi nam a peac**k
Wait, read argument a likkle deeper
Yow how yo chat too much? Wa tek da parakeet yah?
Caw yuh a move like yuh a cat then yuh a eater
And yuh a fish if yuh no waan no senorita

Nuff a dem a watch wi business like ark
Nuff a dem a goat mouth watch when dem talk
Crab inna barrel dem a snake inna grass
Fallow fashing monkey, big harbor shark
Wolf inna sheep clothe dem face inna mask
Waan yo bruk like church mouse
Nuff a dem swear seh dem slyer than a fox
But mi si seh dem a idiot, donse like a bat

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Then humble calf get di milk and him a get di cash now
SO humble calf grow up and turn a cash cow
Yeh a inna first class mi relax now
So di cash cow a move like a travel fox now
Use dem head pon di cow but never get a buck yet
So di chicken head and pigging dem getting upset
Dem a gwaan like seh dem never get pluck yet
End up get weh di duck get

(Repeat Chorus)

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