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I-Octane – Nah Hear (Likkle Girl) [New Music]

Dancehall/Reggae star I-Octane drop a new single “Nah Hear (Likkle Girl),” off the Head Phone Riddim, Produced By DJ Smurf Music.

This likkle girl seh shi waan please mi a likkle
Under age gyal yo too likkle, likkle
Mi know yo bright inna school
Mi a motivate yo so mi tell yo seh fi easy a likkle

Mad and sleep and yo jump through yo window
Inna dance yuh a wine and a kimbo
Piece a mini skirt, body a swing so
All bout man a fling yo
Seet dem now, weh a book yo fi a meddi
Every man yo si, yuh a beggy, beggy
Seet deh now yo end up wid a belly
Now yuh a bway yuh never ready

Listen full track below.

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