Turbulence & Dudsymil – Happy Tonite Lyrics

Night is young, the moon is bright
Wi a party, flashy lights
VIP had to say
Champagne popping, lets celebrate

Are you feeling like am feeling
Am feeling lucky tonight
Lets go clubbing round di clock
Turn it up, it’s alright

(Verse 1)
Check di sweats off believe my friend
It’s party time so get your clothe on
Turn around and remove di fun
It’s party time so get your drinks on

When wi up inna di place, wi clean from head to lace
And wi no inna no ace
Lets party all di time
Just celebrate and be glad your around

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Alright, mi feel like a million bucks
A smoke like a old dumper truck
Inna di party wid a plastic cup
Every gyal a wine up
Shades di lights dem bright
Everybody feel nice
Di vibes so right
So if yuh get wet my girl don’t bother curse
Just party wid us

(Repeat Chorus 2X)