King Addies Brutally Defeats Bass Odyssey

America’s favorite war sound King Addies had a double-hitting, epic clash weekend against age-old rival Bass Odyssey! The new King Addies’ team, rated as the underdog, shocked the world with their brutal defeat of the multiple-World Champion sound Bass Odyssey in Tampa, Florida on Saturday, August 24. King Addies’ first victory since signing with Irish and Chin followed the intense showdown from the night before on August 23 in Hartford, Connecticut, when the popular sound delivered a powerful performance that left a permanent mark and impact on clash fans, resulting in a draw.

New King Addies members A1 and King Pin rose to the occasion, settling a two-decade spanning -rivalry, captivating clash fans with a calculated attack in the process. King Pin leveled the clash with piercing speeches, which played a major role in King Addies’ defeat of Bass Odyssey. Adding to King Pin’s killer verbal delivery was A1’s playing of just the right dubs. This explosive combination crippled “the sound from way out inna de country” and drove clash friends into a frenzy. Additionally, King Addies’ annihilation (it was beyond a counteraction) of select Bass Odyssey anthems caused an uproar — forcing Bass Odyssey to withdraw certain selections from their box for a LONG TIME!

King Addies’ landmark clash weekend has catapulted their stats into another stratosphere. Their uncharted performance forces the clash arena to recognize the ability of the new King Addies. The weekend speaks volumes, as it proves that this team boasts the skill set to once again thrust the powerhouse King Addies into fame. And one can’t deny that the victory and overall weekend place King Addies in a prime position for the Brooklyn showdown against LP International and Soul Supreme at World Clash on Saturday, October 12. This will be a sight to see! Behold the ‘Royal Rebirth’ of King Addies and the appropriately billed tour of the same name. Certainly, promoters interested in copping a date with King Addies better move quick!