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Queen Ifrica – Freedom Of Speech [New Music]

Reggae star Queen Ifrica drop a new single “Freedom Of Speech,” Produced By Penthouse Records.

It’s my freedom of speech
Yuh a tell mi seh mi free, but mi dumb mi cyaa speak
What happen to ma freedom of speech
It’s a breech of democracy to stop mi from speak

Yes it is my freedom of speech
Agree to disagree that the way it got to be
Yes it is my freedom of speech
No that yo censorship inna mi freedom

Queen Ifrica Axed From Canadian Show Over Homophobic Rant

Listen track below.


  1. no one need to know what kind of sex a men is having in their private bedroom. people that talk what type of sex they having wants other to convert to their way of fily, nasty thinking of nature and life. to go against God..

  2. man to man unite all over the universe to interfere with nature and almighty God creation, human are big losers. you got only three tickets mother womb- earth- death.can human unite to stop killing, hungry, pain, suffering, jealous, hate, brain washing the youth to hate nature to stop bring children into the earth, stop discrimination due to texture of hair, color of skin, speech, culture you was born into, the way a person dress., almighty god is in contol. god let human destroy themself.

  3. does the black children growing up in discrimination due to color of skin, texture of hair has freedom of speech , descendant of africa has any freedom of speech? does the poor that being bully all their life has freedom of speech? every one human some point in their life has being bully by a person.

  4. God is pure, God is powerful, GOD is full of light, God is blessed, God is compa$$ionate, God is mercyful, God is full of love for man kind,. every thing we see , every thing we hear is god reflection,.God created good and evil. God allow a baby after leave mother womb to grow slowly. that soul can understand what is good and what is bad. God gave every consious soul given free choice , what to say , what not to say , where to go, to choose evil good. a baby grow slowly , almighty god allow.

  5. when any human trying to change nature, nature will win, god is in control. human , animal, plants, trees, fruits, vegetables and every thing that produce, unnatural , do not produce it own kind, two me sexual intercourse produce nothing but disease. almighty God will allow human to wipe themself off this earth , that price human will pay to interfer e with nature. almighty God created the rectum to removed fouly gas and waste matter that the body does not need. their is no woman womb in the rectum. every organ has function and purpose to do on this planet.million has men that think filty and nasty wants to introduce they way of life to te children to destroy the future but god is in control, give it time.

  6. Althea Sweetsweet Bryan

    ifrica knew exactly what she was doing. she intended harm. I bun all weed and tobacco smokers. I bun all pork, lobster, crab, salt mackerel and shrimp eaters. I bun all woman that give brains “blowjob” but a their life so they live it how dem want. I don’t do certain things so what am I going to do. murder people one one.

  7. Speech nt free any more, only a small group is allow to speak freely.

  8. This is a real song big up Queen Ifrica.

  9. Odane Odane Odane

    m, no one is disputing Queen Ifrica’s or anyone’s right to freedon of speech. But if that freedom of speach will cause offence or anything unacceptable to any particular group then it ought not to be said because then its total discrimination. A person can speak out against homosexuals and or any other minoruty group without discriminating or prejudicing such groups. The comments by Miss. Ifrica to a certain group were very dishearting. I am sure that the rastafarian community would lash out if the christian majority in Jamaica go back to seeing them as smoke inhaling, ganja smoking, unlawful personnels being predators to social and moral development hence not only should their locks be choppend off and given 33 lashes with a whip then beaten with the bible and if they do not turn to conformity then a stake should be nailed through their heart then finally burried to a cross or some mob church justice should be perform…. tell me miss Ifrica how would you feel? You have the right to free speach however you lose that right and it is only reduced to a privelege (due to the country you are in) to speak discrimination against any particular social group- hence people should keep their belief, sexuality and their politics to themselves….