Iyara – More Prayer Lyrics

Ra ta ta tah
Iyara ANG
Alliance mi a talk mi mind

Yow mi tired a violence an crime
Tired fi si mi friend dem in a jail a spend time
Tired fi hear seh Tom get 6
Sherry get 7 and Popeye give Brutus 9

Yuh no si crime a violence a takeover wi place
It a take over the place
Fi get more blessings wi need more prayer, more grace
A psalm from every other base
The man dem fi put away the thing no bother keep it pon dem waist
Control di fist so do weh wid the thumping in a face
Defend each other live as one big brother
And search an find better days

(Verse 1)
But no man naw fist it out no more
Jackie Chan and Jet Lie Dem naw kick it out no more
As two mouth meet up in a face an as yo reach so yo know
Times badder before

No care how much blue an white mi wear mi stil naw si no peace
Pure war a gwaan in the streets
Mi hear juvenile a tell mi seh fi kill a man that a the least
A just the dan fi give the orders an dem dweet

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
No man no tell mi nothing
Better days out deh fi all of us
And fi find dem the guns dem no need fi buss
It can find without envy an evilous
A just we fi be with Jah an Jah will be with us
So read a psalms an apart a Leviticus
When yo rise no bother drive out yo vehicle first
Cause a prayer a day keep the devil away
No head no haffi bow but a prayer fi say

(Repeat Chorus)