RDX Overcomes Barbados Soca Mass Rejection Of Dancehall Infusion At Crop-over Festival

This past year has been a whirlwind of touring for Dancehall Duo RDX as they have been performing to sold out venues around the world. Recently making their debut performance at “The Greatest Show On Earth: Reggae Sumfest”, RDX headed straight to Trinidad for SUNSPLASH 2013 for another round of sizzling performance! The group which is a constant fixture on the Trinidadian music charts, and a fan favorite for stage shows did not disappoint the crowd.

As Summer is reaching it’s peak, RDX journey is in full swing, the duo have made it their duty to keep their fans entertained and keep critics and naysayers at bay. After performing in Trinidad, the duo made their way to Dominica performing at the 3rd Summer Swagg which was well deserved of its name, not only was there an abundance of swagg but energy, fun and much more.

Delomar of RDX stated ‘ It’s amazing to see how the local natives appreciate Dancehall given Soca is a much more popular genre locally.’

But the test of the metal was the performance slated for Cohobblopot Soca Festival where the duo was the only booked dancehall act at the Soca event. After arriving in Barbados the group was already under pressure as locals weren’t happy about the Jamaican Dancehall inclusion in their local celebration. Despite it all, RDX was resolute in performing as they saw an opportunity to further integrate both cultures and change perceptions.

After taking the stage to perform to a jam packed, high energy mass of soca junkies, the duo unleashed renditions of the numerous hits and engaging the crowd in musical acrobatics. But members of the production crew and others who weren’t pleased with the Dancehall addition started to sabotage the performance by turning the microphone down, changing and tuning bands amongst other to disrupt the performance.

Despite those incidents, RDX remained professionals, but stopped mid performance to engage the audience, they addressed the issue and continued delivering hits after hits sending their Bajan fans into a frenzy!

Since creating waves in Trinidad with the “Bruk Out Song” produced by Burchill music, RDX decided that it would only be appropriate to shoot the video on the island. This will be RDX’s first time filming a video in Trinidad.

RDX is off to Trinidad yet again for the “KOTCH” event in Point Fortin on August 17 and will then head to rock Tampa, FLorida’s audiences before making their way to New York City.