Gaza Slim Blast Facebook Imposter, Denies Courthouse Fight

Gaza Slim has stepped forward to set the record straight on two Facebook fan pages created in her name.

According to Vybz Kartel‘s most loyal protege, she does not use Facebook and the persons behind the fan pages are imposters.

Supporters Of Vybz Kartel Baby Mama And Gaza Slim Clash Outside Court

“Vanessa Bling, aka Gaza Slim, does not use Facebook, BBM or Instagram,” Gaza Slim, aka Vanessa Bling, told the Star. “So whosoever is pretending to be me needs to stop. People who know Slim know that I don’t use any of those networks. I was on blackberry messenger and I have been off since five months ago.”

Gaza Slim also took time out to downplay rumors that she was involved in a tense situation with Vybz Kartel’s baby mother Shorty outside the Home Circuit court last month.

“Rumours have been spreading that I had a fight at a courthouse and that is not true,” Slim said. “Big-up to my true fans and friends who have been supporting me from the start until now, as well as my nice clean boss, freedom is a must. It’s not what man say, it’s about what God say.”

Vybz Kartel was acquitted of the murder charge that drew scores of fans outside the courthouse last month.

Gaza Slim says it was fans of the Gaza creating the problems and not her.