Feds Refused To Charged Contempt Juror In Buju Banton Trial

A juror who helped send Buju Banton to prison for ten years will not be facing criminal charges after she was found in contempt by a Federal judge.

Juror Teri Wright was found in contempt by U.S. District Judge James Moody in June after she violate court orders and researched aspects of the case online.

Buju Banton Freed Of Gun Charge, Juror Held In Contempt

Moody recommended that Wright be charged for criminal contempt, however, Federal prosecutors refused to charged the juror.

Prosecutors told the court that they planned on fighting Buju Banton’s appeal and can not do that while prosecuting Teri Wright. They recommend the court appoint another prosecutor to go after Wright.

Buju Banton, born Mark Myrie, was convicted in a Florida court last year on three counts of drug trafficking charges.

The Grammy-winning reggae star is currently serving 10 years in a South Florida prison.