Buju Banton Freed Of Gun Charge, Juror Held In Contempt

Today is a great day for Buju Banton in his ongoing case before a Florida Federal Court.

Federal Judge James Moody handed down a ruling on Wednesday (June 26) dismissing the gun charge that was injected back into the case by an appeal court judge.

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Moody also find juror Teri Wright in contempt after she lied to the court about researching the case during the high profile trial.

The judge requested that the government charge Wright with contempt for violating court orders.

Moody also dismissed the Buju Banton’s defense motion for a new trial. This means the Grammy-winning reggae star still has to serve out his 10 year sentence.

“This shows how important good reporting is,” Buju Banton former attorney, David Oscar Markus, told New Times.

“The judge credited Chris’ reporting in making his decision. He reported accurately what she said, and it really was the turning point for Buju on the gun charge,” Markus added.

The judge also credited New Times journalist Chris Sweeney for exposing juror Teri Wright.

Buju Banton, born Mark Myrie, was facing an additional five years on the gun charge.

Banton could be released from prison in February 2019.