Bounty Killer & Patexx – Mi Alright Lyrics

Patexx mi done wid di fry right now
Mi alright, a meck money and a enjoy mi life
Buss di place and do as mi like

General mi si di badmind p***y dem a chat and a hail
But mi alright, Meck money and a enjoy mi life
Buss di place and do as mi like

(Verse 1)
General that a mi, war lord that a mi
Anyweh di killer step a pay gyal a calla mi
Missa shell down di bar, young heavy Hennessy
And mi no do no bag a talking, mi cash talk fi mi
Alliance that a wi, wi no fear nobody
All di fool dem a talk dem a no boss fi mi
Dem a no class fi wi, nothing cyaa talk to mi
Then if dem ever violate mi dawgs dem bark fi mi

Real bad bean so di street dem a fi wi
When time wi touch it every gyal waan gi wi
Yeh red and black anytime unuh si mi
Me inna di starlet, di god inna di bimmi
So di whole a Dancehall salute di general
Buss a blank every tugs, every pretty gyal
Mi a enjoy mi life mi a no criminal
Slap weh di hook now mi general

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Out a mi life mi get rid a all crosses
Mi a go show dem who who di real boss is
Inna mi full black and mi no left mi dark glasses
Happy Bounty Killer this a shell down di party’s

This a celebration of di occasion
Every class, every race, every nation
A di bam this di world did a wait pon
X a di general next combination

Big head spliff yo know mi head charge up
Wid di Hennessy now mi blood warm up
Well compose yo know mi nerves calm up
Patexx and di general name gyal haffi call up

Clothe paw mi back and mi seh shoes paw mi feat
Hustling a gwaan and mi dawgs dem a eat
Next generation a bun up di street
Bounty Killer tell wi fi dweet

(Repeat Chorus)