Capleton – Working Hard Lyrics

Wi working hard, yes to achieve our goals
Mi naw go sell mi soul
Mi working hard and taking fully control

Wi working hard, yes to achieve our goals
Mi naw go sell mi soul
Wi working hard and watch di pagans dem head a roll

(Verse 1)
Ghetto youths ascend
So wi working from nights after nights
And wi working from fights after fights
And wi tek it from heights after heights
And life wi promote which is right

Mi tell di youths dem no fuss, no bother fight
Fi stand up fi dem justice and dme equal rights
And keep it real and polite, plant di seed
Protect di fruits till dem ripe

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi seh nothing in life no come easy
So tell di wicked man seh dem better leave wi
And when dem si wi tell dem seh dem no need wi
Because a nough things dem do weh displease wi
Some seh dem a wi friend and dem no stop from deceive wi
So mi burning out di envy and di greedy
And dem fight gainst di poor and di needy
Fight against di weary

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Big up di people dem weh hard working
Even though wi know some time dem have it hard working
When Babylon a bring in dem false working
And have di people dem starve working
Can barely survive from 9 – 5
But still a tell di people work and stay alive
And never tek no boots nor no bribe
From di goodness of your heart you shall survive

(Repeat Chorus 2X)