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Birthday Dopeness: Buju Banton Turns 40 Today

Reggae/dancehall icon Buju Banton is celebrating his 40th birthday today (July 15) behind bars.

Buju Banton, born Anthony Myrie on 15 of July 1973, rose to fame in the early 1990s with his hugely successful album Mr. Mention.

NEWS: Buju Banton Freed Of Gun Charge, Juror Held In Contempt

Although Buju Banton started out in the late 1980s doing hardcore dancehall, by the mid 1990s he was converted to a Rastafarian and started to release a slew of sociopolitical singles.

The song that catapult Buju Banton to international fame is “Boom Bye Bye.” The single was first recorded by Banton in 1988 but became internationally famous in the 1990s after an outcry from homosexuals globally.

The song remains one of the biggest and most controversial songs in dancehall history to date.

Buju Banton career came to an abrupt halt in 2009 when the singer was arrested in Florida on cocaine tracking charges.

Buju Banton fans were shocked when U.S. Officials revealed that they have surveillance video showing the Rastafarian tasting cocaine.


Buju Banton was convicted on three counts of drug trafficking charges in 2012 and sent to prison for 10 years.


Buju Banton, aka the Gargamel, remains one of the greatest reggae/dancehall artists of all time.

Happy birthday Buju Banton.


  1. may be long but not for ever , don’t worry u self jah put an angel ova u be strong and hold a firm meditation cause tings must get better. Happy Birthday

  2. Happy birthday

  3. M Kamau Ambrose

    one of the best if not de best live dancehall reggae entertainer, always put out his best when performing live. Happy blessed Birthday, to the reggae dancehall King Gargamel Dondada Buju. We all make irrational, negative, hurtful decisions and mistakes throughout our lives, but they are all learning experiences to make us grow, become better human beings, and wiser…

  4. happy birthday buju.

  5. Happy earth strong Buju Banton. Free the Gargamel.

  6. Stressless Tamieh


  7. happy earthrong Gargamel.

  8. Happy Birthday King Man. Many blessings to you and I hope that you have more ideas of a new album to come out with and I pray to jah jah that you are freed very soon. We miss your dancehall music and to hear chantin on the mic.with all due respect you are one of my favorite artists that I love to listen to, and you never changed, you kept it true all these years and big up respect for that rastaman. Big up respect to you always and big up to dancehall I have listened to the great music that you have out and they are still with the times. JAH SPEED THAT YOU RETURN TO THE FREE WORLD AND TO DANCEHALL MUSIC ROOTSMAN. jah jah bless you in your release very soon and to your whole family, always. Much love and big up respect to my brothaman.

  9. big up yuself buju.

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