US Diplomat David J. Rainsberger Sent To Prison For Accepting Gift Form Dancehall Star

Former US diplomat David J. Rainsberger was sentenced to one year in prison for accepting “gift” from a well know dancehall star.

Rainsberger, 33, pleaded guilty to the charge earlier this year. He was stationed at the U.S. Embassy in Kingston when the incident occurred in 2011.

The dancehall star was only identified with the initials D.B. in court documents. The dancehall star in question was among several other artists who had their U.S. visa revoked a few years ago.

Prosecutors say Rainsberger received several gifts from the dancehall star including two watches worth over US$25,000, nighlcubs passes and special VIP passes to several events. The dancehall star also allegedly hosted a birthday party for the US official in Kingston.

Rainsberger said in court papers that he once served on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s security detail.

Prosecutors were pushing for a two-year sentenced but the judge handed down only 12 months.