Vybz Kartel – Compass Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Mi get a compass and circle di town
Bring a umbrella and mi search fi di brown
Two shot a rum calm nerves fi di round
Am looking for a girl with di curves in di pound
Sore throat a go worst wid di sound
No time fi ni—-s, there’s girls to be found
Action a dweet that’s verbs with di noun
But don’t rush you wi come first with di crown

Know yo roots like dirt in di ground
Every black man a king unuh fi search fi di crown
Pretty black woman soon curve di renound
Come wine pon di teacher, reverse bring hi down
Slam inna yo neck, 30 fi bound
Bet seh yo pitch da wedding deh
Church in di gound
Relationship sink, worst if you drown
That mean mi no ready too early fi now

Girl mi love you like that, like that
But yo man is here I need no like that
Come no baby and don’t look back
Mi keep yo safer than 10 padlock
Keep yo safer than 10 padlock
Keep yo safer than 10 padlock
Keep yo safer than 10 padlock
Keep yo safer than 10 padlock

(Verse 2)
Mi get a T square
Am drawing di line
Girls in di front no bwoys behind
Baby yo style is alarming di sign
Know yo must get a trophy regarding di wine
Tic toc, tic toc, according to time
Do di 6:30 something to 9
If yo man a seh yo body bruise something to mine
Look pon da star yah until yo blind
Mi buss like something fi crime
Hunting fi find, waan something fi find
Mind paw mi money caw funding fi find
That a something weh mi need like dumpling design
Tell di selector pull it up, fing rewind
Bubble fi di devil gyal nothing divine
How you bright so? Mi loving di shine
Love rubbing shi join, I’m coming shi wine

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)


  1. why pree worl boss? Addidjah palma are di baddest lyricist dancehall musik eva seet.

  2. can neva b silenced,,,,,,,, world teacher.