Mavado & 3 Star – Badman Ova Yah Suh Lyrics

A bay badman ova yah suh
Wi no tek talk tell dem seh wi seh so
Some bwoy naw hold out dem a let go
Talk this loud meck it echo

(Verse 1)
Some bwoy just hype and love friend
But yo know a king steppa and him next friend a grunt
Mi a pop off strippest, dem pull off stunt
Young gyal cuff him up, browning give him a cunk

Dem gang up but dem could not defeat mi
Bullet paint up dem face like graffiti
Man discretely, learn fi kill neatly
Badman yah so monthly and weekly

All buy out and sell out get delete
We no have no time fi mi hand dem beat
Seh dem a mi friend come a mi yard come theft
Dem friendship stop keep like saddle to di east

Tower hill, wild life a Gully God seh so
Wi no freak like some bwoy ova deh so
Like di ground man wi step pon yo
Raggo, rise up di weapon no

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

(Verse 2)
A mi a f yo gyal
Mi talk meck that echo
Shi just done bite up mi dawg when shi check
Unuh think fi a minute or a second no
From black rain fi wet pon yo

Gully God, lyrics a catch dem ears like acrom
Solid as a rock but dem bwoy deh a asham
New style pon di beat yo know mi no old fashion
Waan tek mi style but dem cyaa catch mi patton
Some a seh it all kind a way
But dem still cyaa find a way
Some all a lick wall, a no ball a subina way
So dem gone all kinda way

All a mi gun dem a my own
Di SK a no, no, guy own
Mack 90 fly through yo eye bone
Kill yo meck yo duppy bat fly home

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus 4X)