I Wayne – Free Waterway Lyrics

Free I now, free waterway
I naw get caught
Inna this world no day

All di plat wicked a plat
And di trap weh dem a set
Never lose my africanness
Rasta fari rules an reign
Bloody fools will haffi confess

Free it and dem free it, and dem free waterway
Watch outa like son and outa like daughter way
Free, free, tell dem fi water way
It is the safe and di smarter way
Fi real, real, waterway
Inna di street blood a flow like di mata bray

Free, free, tell dem free water way
Slew di deals and meck a free walk away

(Verse 1)
Wi done prevent di beast dem approach yard
Dem seh mi muss have di herbs cause mi smoke hard
Him seh it no fraud or bork yard
Like him ready fi mints up di beast like post card

Cause I no care a which somebody gone
Warrior bun di wicked and dem body gone
Dem still a end up a di morgue
All when dem cry out for d lord

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Filty beast bwoy a chat I no mind that
A waste of time that
Life glory shine an blind that
Ash mi slew di wicked a no crime that
Nuff a promote di blood cross a dead sign that
Worrier no haffi ask a who design=gn that
Vampire head chop off no one can find that
Dem filty line I naw join that

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
I sight di wicked from a far out
I try fi draw di star out
But no necessary war
Crab inna barrel a bawal out a seh me reach all bout
Dem no have no chance fi crawl out
Why di youths dem a suffa fi so long
Probably wrong, hear so no wrong
Life ship still haffi sale pon di ocean
Nuff a ask how di cush dem so strong

(Repeat Chorus 2X)