Rihanna Now The Biggest Artist On YouTube After Passing Justin Bieber

Rihanna is now the top artist on YouTube after surpassing Justin Bieber this week in total number of views.

Rihanna’s official VEVO page reached 3.784 billion views on YouTube on Tuesday with only 77 videos on her profile.

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Justin Bieber’s official VEVO, which has 79 videos, tops 3.7 billion views on the world largest video sharing website.

Rihanna also significantly has more YouTube subscriber with 8.73 million to Justin Bieber’s 4.9 million subscribers.

PSY came in at number three with 3.1 billion views, Eminem came in at number 4 with 2.4 billion, Lady Gaga with 2.25 billion rank number 5, and Shakira with 2 billion views ranked number 6.

Rihanna and Rajad in London


  1. Watch mi gal nuh. Bless up riri

  2. Theresa Mcdonald

    Yes! RiRi more blessing, he’ll be crawling back soon..just kept/hold the p….. he’ll be back, God a God, Zeem Luv u.