Capleton Speaks On Attack, “I Could Be Violent”

Legendary reggae/dancehall star Capleton says he is happy things didn’t took an ugly turn after he was attacked on stage by a fan during a concert in California earlier this month.

Sources who were at the concert told Urban Islandz that Capleton attacker was a gay man who is angry at the singer.

VIDEO: Capleton Attacked By Gay Protester At California Concert

However, Capleton says he don’t wanty to portray the incident in a negative light and is proud of how he handled the unfortunate situation.

This is what Capleton told the Star:

“I am proud of how I dealt with the situation instead of getting violent because music is love. Maybe for me, it was a test and I think I handled it well because it could have been serious. The thing is I have seen a lot of situations around the world, so I am very experienced on how to deal with conflicts that come with being in entertainment.”

“I don’t even want this to get negative. People are trying to make it look like its people from a certain group, while some people say he was smoking some form of drugs in the day and was already giving problems. We are not going to focus on negativity. Music is love so just focus on the positive and teach the youth right and empower them.”

The attacker came on stage twice during Capleton set at Reggae In The Hills. Capleton entourage tackled the attack before things got out of hand.

Watch the video below.


  1. why was the attacker still in the venue? no security?

  2. Alexander Freeway

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  3. just the power of the music.

  4. Excellent response to the situation fi real.. more love more life. battyman need fi stop dem foolish behavior & control demself & know dem place can neva stop clean heart RasTafarI.

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  6. Michael Tod Baxter

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