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Bounty Killer And Popcaan End Beef

The world will not be ending anytime soon because Bounty Killer and Popcaan are now friends.

When selector Boom Boom played a special happy birthday message from Popcaan to Bounty Killer at the legendary dancehall star birthday bash last weekend, it took everyone off guard.

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But it was a heart felt gesture from Popcaan, who once called Bounty Killer a homosexual in the heights of the Gaza/Gully/Alliance feud.

“You done know a Popcaan a represent for Bounty Killer the legend. You done know today a yuh special day so just waan seh on behalf of me and the Unruly Gang, big up yuh damn self,” Popcaan said to loud cheers signalling an end to their beef.

Bounty Killer said he appreciate the gesture but it took him by surprise.

“I was a bit surprised but it touched everybody. I went to his birthday party at the Quad too so there is a mutual understanding,” Bounty Killer told the star.

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“My earlier days was fighting against who I didn’t like. Now in my later days, it’s all about uniting with the people. I care zero about haters,” Bounty Killer added.

Boom Boom said Popcaan recorded the message while on tour in Canada and sent it to Jamaica for him to play it at Killer’s birthday bash.

Do you think Bounty Killer and Popcaan should do a duet?

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  1. bounty and popcaan pon 1 track will be a great idea.

  2. heroism,,, all the beefs shuld end en heigten dancehall,,,,,,, bigup popcaan n bounty.

  3. Big up yoself Killer. legendary

  4. yeah man because when d old and young team up the send a stronger and more positive message to the fans…..bigg up pop cann for being mature enough to big up bounty inspite of what ever differences in the past….after all bounty set d trend.

  5. japan went to war with america in 1914 and now they are buddies so why cann’t 2 jamaican…one love.. a dat me say.