Stephen Marley ft. Spragga Benz & Damian Marley – Bongo Nyah Lyrics

Real Bongo Nyah man a real conker nyah
Real Bongo Nyah man a real conker nyah
Real Bongo Nyah man a real conker nyah
Real Bongo Nyah man a real conker nyah

(Verse 1)
Seh from mi groupie deh nyah bingi a blaze up di fire
Cramp any plan weh Babylon a conspire
Chant higher bingi yo heights get higher
Wi hail up di king an seh ababa jahnyah
Wi mash up all traitor an chase vampire
Yo never miss di water until dem well run dryer
Gorilla warfare man inna jungle attire
Yuh hear seh robbin in, Jah no sleep paw wire
Man a defend di thing, nerves di macofa
So mi no work court wid honey dem a di sweetest lire
And anything dem seh yuh a di first one a fire
African queen, mama skin black like tire
And anything shi waan seh jah wi meck shi acquire
Naw go gi yo half yo get di whole empire
Blaze up di fire meck di place burn squire
Beat conjo drum till Babylon retire

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Caw when deh pon di battlefield seh natty never seize fire
And this a no, no comedy, a no Richard quire
But bujanti inna turban very properly attire
Wi hail di profit, hail di priest, hail up di Mosiah
To keep si sabbath holey that is what di Lord require
To over throw di law that is what Babylon desire
No tell mi bout no holey ghost caw that a duppy higher
Jah ever levit in di auta flesh it haffi manifest
Who older than mi two selati baby Jeremiah
Fi hold a meditation yow I got to have ma prayer
Take a wip, get a lick
Come out a dem quarter yah
And read di holy book about Joshuah to Oziah
Elijah an Elisa, Nehemiah, Esiciah
Dem seh di time a come, di time done already higher
Like Danielle inna di lion den, shall not inna di fire
And wid a righteous cause David got to overcome Goliath

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Got dem out a di park home run Don Maguire
Get ready fi di Gideon weh a go transpire
This is natty dread bullet a sing like Mariah
Dis queen Omega gun a sing like a quire
Dis king Selassie place shell down like fire
Rise di keteh drum an a defend di empire
Ragga muffin have di supn down to a science
Spragga rise it up an bwoy a run like appliance
Big Godzilla yow yo dealing with Giants
3 superstar line up like Orian
This a no popy show rasta tough like iron
And a rebel, rebel, always hold di fyance
Babylon a picture why a pree self reliance
Beat mi an a pree mi through mi pree mi own clients
Cheater an Iena well dem cyaa defeat Lion

(Repeat Chorus)

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