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Did Vybz Kartel Attempted To Bribe Witness For $3 Million ?

Did Vybz Kartel attempted to bribe the prosecutions main witness for JM$3 million?

That is the question dancehall fans are asking after Senior Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Jeremy Taylor told a judge last week that the former Portmore Empire deejay attempted to bribe and intimidate the crowns main witness.

Prosecutors Says Vybz Kartel Was Trafficking Weapons Prior To Arrest

According to Taylor, a police officer witness Vybz Kartel making the call to the witness last year offering him $3 million dollars not to testify against him.

So far the witness in question has not been cooperating with prosecutors.

Taylor also told the court the Vybz Kartel is the mastermind behind an underground criminal enterprise that trade weapons.

No Bail For Shawn Storm, Set To Go On Trial With Kartel

Clive Williams is a casualty of the underground trade, according to Taylor.

Vybz Kartel, government name is Adidja Palmer, was charged with the murder of dancer Clive “Lizard” Williams and St. Catherine promoter/businessman Barrington “Bossie” Burton.

Vybz Kartel returns to court on November 18 to begin trial.


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  2. Adidjahiem Reeba Palmer

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  3. Where is the evidence. they keep on alleging and accusing but you need evidence to convict someone.

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