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Did Rihanna Turned Up To Her Concert 2 Hours Late And Drunk ? [DETAILS]

Rihanna is well on her way with the European leg of her Diamonds World Tour, but this week she is getting some bad press.

Rihanna enraged her fans after two disastrous performance in Antwerp, Belgium this week.

PHOTO: Rihanna Shows Off Her Toned Legs In Belgium

According to Radaronline, Rihanna turned up two hours late for one of her gig looking stoned or drunk.

Fans also complain bitterly that Rihanna was lip-synching through her entire set.

rihanna twitter fans 2

rihanna twitter fans

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Rihanna will be performing at a mega concert in Paris tonight.

Last month Rihanna friends revealed that she is having difficulties coping with her break up with Chris Brown.

According to sources close to the Bajan pop star, Rihanna has been partying her heart break away.

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  1. Cardiff millenium ,late looked stoned part mimed part sung to backing tracks how sad.seen her twice years ago not the same artist as then.still enjoyed because I love the songs.wont waste my money again though.

  2. I watched her lastnight in cardiff I did like her before going last night not any more she looked stoned or drunk she was very late I waited 5 hours to see her just to come out for hour and half dissapointed!

  3. please check your grammar Urban Islands. It’s supposed to read ‘ Did Rihanna turn up drunk’.