Blak Ryno – Number 1 Stunna Lyrics

ATI naw miss mi
Smug naw miss mi
Trugit naw miss mi
Da summer yah mi raving a go tun up history

Wi a go hard fi da summer yah
Harder da summer yah
Lock down da summer yah
Da summer yah no si di number one stunna yah

Wi a go hard fi da summer yah
Lock down da summer yah
Rave fi da summer yah

(Verse 1)
We do di freging things
Wi a party, spilling drinks
Gyal call wi di living brinks
Roll out, gyal pon back a di bike
Car wid spinning rims
Fi meck dem killing blings
Radisha weh liquor laugh chi, chi, ching
A Garrison, no mean comparison

Long time we tell dem we Iller
Fi tek weh nugg bwoy gyal we skiller
When Garrison party we still a
Shell the bar like crab, real winner

Dreams weekend naw miss mi
SBF naw miss mi
Wet an wild naw miss mi
Every gyal a seh da summer yah

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Da summer yah could a hot like cave
A bet yo seh wi lock down di road like slave
Water party wet like wave
dem a go down till hi buck an tough like ears
Gyal inna shorts an slippers
Heds inna polo shorts an Snickers
Fruit of di loom marinas
Some time Hains
Mi an mi chargy a carry wi foreigners
Go to di river
Mi a drive, dem a listen drake a knee thickos
Wanna dem a seh, my God your real ni—-s
Mi chargy seh take time drive yuh a beat liquor

(Repeat Intro)