Konshens – Independent Lady Lyrics

Girl you being through it all
Yo never have it easy
Now look at you
Yon life change up completely

Am so proud of you
Dutty mind never waan yo go through
But yo go hard and never stop
Never listen when dem a chat

(Verse 1)
Now seet deh, yo tek time an buss weh
Yo tek time an buss weh
All when life get tough yeh
Adjust, yo never spend time an curse yeh

Life no sweet, a no chocolate
One, one, coco full yo basket yea

Girl yo tek time an buss weh
Yo tek time an buss weh
Independent lady
Independent lady
Independent girl
Independent lady
Independent lady

(Verse 2)
Woman yo stand up inna the Gideon real ragged
When time get otugh yo never si nobody
Single daddy alone, never si no daddy
A just you an yo pickiny, what a mommy?
Watch yah, yo tell yo self seh hungry no fit yo
And better life yo try no fi come si to
Nobody never help tug it out with you
I got allot of ratings to give you

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)