Busy Signal – Grease Up Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Pree this, a me this
A no nothing weh deh swim inna no sea this
Bad man thin, no bwoy cyaa see this
And mi no mingle wid gender weh walk wid no peanist
Real bad man series
Tell some bwoy thruck off wid dem seanest
Cause mi born STR8
Straight an no bwoy cyaa lean this
Weh dem a chat up an a seh mine yo business
A no cartoon, deh one yah a no Disneys
Believe it or not like a replies
A my name dem chew pon di most like a regles
Mi naw hale dem, nor sail dem
Ready fi go sail weh dem head like a Frisbee
Hey March Pen rise the grizzly’s
Muss dem, wire dem, bun dem crisbies
Some a chat bout machine weh the things is
Dem know mi badder than the 666’s

Hey gangster the thing dem grease up
Bwoy head a buss like a peanut
Hey violate an dem get freeze up
Cause di thing weh mi squeeze dem no seize up

Hot head, the thing dem grease up
Tell some bwoy fi si mi an speak up
Cause when me walk the dawgs ready fi bark
And mi pop bwoy skull like a tea cup

(Verse 2)
Dem a feline, carbon, copycat
Dem no badder than we dawg yo copy that
Dem a run off mouth chat bout rally back
Rally back weh? Dem bwoy deh a duppy bat
Matches Lane things nuff cyaa cally that
Clarindon mi tugs dem have it lock
Hey August Town, Juise Land, Pain Land, Denam Town no join inna bag a chat
Bag a chat, waist a time dem a pree mi
Dem a pree mi some bwoy cyaa see mi
Cyaa see mi, head hot till hi steamie
Head steamie, all mi forehead it a bun mi
It cyaa violate general Bounty
Who no like that try confront mi
A no bicycle pump, a mi pumpy
If yo go round mi order, mi thing dem sada
Mi go hard an nothing cyaa touch mi

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)