(Verse 1)
Is that herb gimma a 50 bag same time
Hot grabber in line
Somebody play my mind
That is my mind
Only is the highest kind
That’s marijuana
Same type weh mi smoke pon di corner
Everyday mi get curse from mi mother
Stop dig out yo hand middle yo come like yo father
Some man go turn drunker, and some man go turn coke head
But me a the weed thing mi rather
So mi naw stop smoke cause a it keep mi calmer
So big up every endz weh a sell marijuana
From clans to one order
From west to java

Weed meck mi feel good
Weed meck mi light like a feather

Hey dancer gimmi a light
A weed mi waan
In front a police mi smoke the marijuana
And who no like the herbs can go tell yo mother
Caw mi naw stop draw it like it is a pardner

So gimmi a light, a weed mi waan
A weed mi waan, a weed mi waan
So gimmi a light, a weed mi waan
A weed mi waan, a weed mi waan

(Verse 2)
From mi small mi a light up paper
Hide back a Mrs Stacy house back
Me and Mike, Jermaine, and Romy weh turn traitor
Get whole heap a lick from mommy and daddy
Seh wi no have no behavior
But nothing couldn’t stop the way mi love weed
Bun it and no cater
Now mi a big man, from spliff to a spliff
So mi light a big head
Weed stick inna mi teeth like Zackariah Z
A no badmind meck mi eyes dem red
A the sweet sensimenia weh inna mi head
No care if you a rasta or bald head
Free up the weed you no hear weh mi said

(Repeat Chorus)