Flippa Moggela Denies Dating Alaine “A True Mi Hot Dem A Talk Bout Mi”

After that cameo in Bugle’s new music video “Nuh Compatible,” rumors have been circulating alleging that Flippa Moggela, formerly Flippa Mafia, and Alaine are dating.

However, Moggela has denied those rumors calling them false.

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This is what Flippa told the Star:

“It’s just because of the cameo in the music video for Bugle. People just see it and jump to conclusion. When it comes on to Flippa dem just love sey things. As dem waah talk, a my name dem call.”

“A di closest mi ever guh to Alaine, mi nuh know har. But a suh it guh; when yu hot people talk bout yu, suh a must because me hot and Alaine hot.”

In Bugle’s “Nuh Compatible music video, Flippa Moggela and Alaine shot a scene where the two went on a shopping spree in a clothing store.

The role fits Flippa since he is the dancehall flossing king and Alaine is one of the hottest beauties in dancehall.

Watch the music video below.