Bounty Killer Goes H.A.M. On Flippa Mafia On Twitter

Flippa Mafia manages to get Bounty Killer cross, angry and miserable.

The dancehall flossing king manages to step on Bounty Killer’s corn last weeken during an interview with Anthony Miller of ER where he said he has been an artist long before Bounty Killer.

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“I am deejaying before Bounty Killer, I was doing Sting before Bounty Killer… Bounty Killer use to come see me at the studio,” Flippa Mafia said about the dancehall legend.

But now Bounty Killer is hitting back at Flippa, who recently changed his name to to Flippa Moggela.

This is what Bounty Killer said on Twitter:

“The box dung fisha faggela get a miami fews yrs ago a haunt him he got the best of the best box hahaha.”

“Plus him 3000US weh mi tek weh bcuz him tell mi fone go s–k out mi mother him affi big up the fish bcuz they are related fish and fisha.”

“Hear wah ppl the 3000US lost mr world bank missed it plus the best of the best box so unuh noticed mi nuh ansa fisha how long now just watch.”

“No informer drugs mule swallowing or pushing up things inna batty boi cyaah chat to mi nuh boi who rich out of feises cyaag gi we speeches.”

“Ba*ty boy flippa Faggela ur own a wait fi yu patiently think yu get away pu— gwaan push duppy luck talking stop step to mi if yu bad pu–y.”

During the interview with ER, Flippa Mafia also said he has the hottest cars in Jamaica.

The deejay owns a Porsche Cayenne SUV and a Porsche Panamera S.

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  1. Avatar photo

    killer a di man man a bad man so we no friend fish.

  2. Avatar photo
    Carlton Rukushitokata

    I don’t know obi… but if him a do sting and all these things before bounty how come nuh body nuh know him tell recently… wen yuh seh sting yuh seh ninja, bounty, merciless, beenie yuh nuh seh fisha faggela.

  3. Avatar photo

    well you shoulda seh you don’t know what happen, you ca tell them how it really go, that’s why dem call you a informa, I understand you vex because it went down at your crib but you coulda come up wid some other kinda story.

  4. Avatar photo

    Blonty killer is jus badmine thru he has been deejaying fi 20 years and nuh have any thing show for it NOT A STUDIO, NOT A HOUSE NOT EVE NA DECENT CAR.

  5. Avatar photo
    Jermaine Tumbam Pollock

    flippa Faggela……caaah dis Killa.

  6. Avatar photo

    bounty real man. blessing , peace, positive engery for bounty killer.

  7. Avatar photo

    sighhhs bounty looking like a real twitter gangsta rite now, killer, umm how can I say this nicely… GROW THE PHUCK UP!

  8. Avatar photo

    sighhhs bounty looking like a real twitter gangsta rite now, killer, umm how can I say this nicely… GROW THE PHUCK UP!

  9. Avatar photo

    BUN! dem out killa GRUND GAD done tark!

  10. Avatar photo

    killa a informa weh him a chat di man business fah, killa yuh chat too much!

  11. Avatar photo
    Michael Demaro Brown

    yoooooow! go eeezy killer.