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Rihanna Says “I Don’t Need Chris Brown” I Do It Myself [PHOTO]

Rihanna says “who needs Chris Brown I will do it myself.”

The pop diva stepped out in New York City yesterday rocking a raunchy white T-Shirt.

Rihanna Says “I Need A Real Man” Parties All Night With Her Girls [PHOTO]

The shirt was printed with the photo of a female with her hands inside her … with the letters “D.I.Y.” which stands for “do it yourself.”

Rihanna DIY shirt

Rihanna and Chris Brown have been embroiled in a war of words on Twitter since coming public with their split.

Rihanna Melisssa Forde

However, sources close to the Bajan pop beauty told Urban Islandz earlier this week that they are now on speaking terms.

Rihanna nyc 152013



  1. Ri Ri u need to give Gullyside a try.. Cham or Movado!

  2. Carla Semeão Soares

    Acho RiRi super diva! E avida pessoal é pessoal. Cada um com a sua! Sou fã dela!

  3. thet shd both mature up.they ain’t kids anymo.