Agent sasco – Rebellious Nature Lyrics

Dem fi know seh man a buffalo soldier
Man a rambo
Real bad slave like Jango
Rebellious nature meck mi tan so
Yeh man, warrior inna wi blood that’s why wi bad so

Man a buffalo soldier
Man a rambo
Real bad slave like Jango
Yo si the thing dem weh wi a walk wid meck dem long so
More time wi tek dem pick all mango

(Verse 1)
But mi si nuff a dem no brave
Obedient slave
Dem careful live the ways and when dem ass start shake
Dem live inna the house because dme well behave
But man a old runner wi a go live inna cave
When it come to be bad we plant it
We reap dem carry dem a market
Through the hills and the valley we walk it
Naw carry the water wid basket
But when a time fi wi own we sort it
And wi naw itch move to the target
All shackles and chain wi buss off it now
Wi chain dem cyaa grab it

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Hey yow cojo and nanny dem
A mi grandpa and granny dem
DNA pass to so that mean it inna mi mommy then
From it inna mi mommy, then two uncles a mi dem
That mean seh Marcus and Bogle a the whole a mi family dem
Yes warriors genetic
Mi ancestors dem set it
None a dem can take it now
Wi deh, deh, once wi get it
Hey never you forget it
Don’t fraid fi resurrect it
Mi ready til whatever never left it

(Repeat Chorus)