Serani – Go Johny Lyrics

No matter how life tough
Things cyaa rougher
Anything yo waan nuff you must go fa
Member when yo waan good yo nose haffi run
Stress inna life cyaa done

So help me sing go John
Go Johnny, things could a worst, pressure long

Go Johny, go Johny, go Johny
Nuff have life worst pressure long
Go Johny

(Verse 1)
Johny deh pn the street him a chad it bay feat
A beg fi bout a week
Not even patty see him cheap
Anything him get , hi tek
Cause him no know when ends fi meet
Mama send him fi dweet, seh him a dweet yo zeet
Things aren’t that bad as Johny may think
Infinite the bowo that knowledge may bring
Many don’t have the knowledge that the streets bring
So look pon Johny and sing

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

(Repeat Intro)

(Verse 2)
Kerry would a merry cause shi would a go out every single night wid Terry
Until shi met Jerry
Jerry a the bus man cause him wasn’t accustom to be a good husband
Marriage dysfunction, him knock are up and left are
Baby a stress are
Weh shi a go find the strength to weather this pressure
Member life a the greatest treasure
So meck wi help Kerry and sing together

(Repeat Chorus – Go Kerry)

(Repeat Intro)