Wasp – In The Air Lyrics

Dem write mi name pon bullet
Give out orders fi mi head burst
But instead of me mi adversary dem a dead first
Six feet under red dirt
And anybody weh a plan wi dem cyaa drive inna the same hearse
Yo si wa happen when yo friends become yo enemy
Dem smile and shake mi hand
Mi cyaa feel dem energy
Dem deh pon cell phone an a penny mi
But who jah bless, no man curse
Dem naw go live fi si the end of mi
Marcus Garvy teach mi self reliance
Me alone wid a iron a defend mi self against a giant
Find out seh dem a work wid science
Mi have talk with the lord
So mi know mi have a place a Zion
Hey that mean seh unu cyaa kill mi
But why dem try inna the first place
Because mi wealthy and dem filty
Dem words couldn’t meck mi shiver
Even though dem only waan fi squeeze a chigger
And kill a ni—-

Mi always member how dem murder Pac
So a night time mi drive pass mi yard and then circle back
Mi no coward cause mi always strap
But inna life yuh haffi look out fi the snake, wolf and the rat
To how mi move mi don’t even trust people
But more time a the one’s dem weh close a the worst people
Instigate the death a nuff people
And mi a deal wid the same bulsh– way before mi buss people
Hey the situation really crazy
First Lynclon gone and then Stacy
Who a go take care a dem likkle baby
Because without a mother and a father can be very scary
Hey mi people need some elevation
While dem a party and a floss
Mi deh a mi yard a hold a meditation
Rad psalms and revelation
Because the words from mi mouth heal the sick, medication

Me alone go through mi struggle
Me alone conker mi fear
Supn no right
And mi feel it all over inna the air
Unfair officer hit and everybody was here
Soon as the thing slow down everybody disappear
That’s why mi grieve over the trouble weh mi nephew get wi inna
Wi suppose to deh pon the block a run boat and drink liquor
I guess in life yuh have ammitures and beginner
Mi no judge dem true mi know seh mi is a third class sinner
Pay mi dies fi protect mi daughter inna this cold world
Mi give mi life up fi are hey mi love this likkle girl
Deh pon the block strap like who God serve
An image of gun place slowly start fi ree accure
Mi born as a reble, Mi can be terrible
Waan mi parents proud but still mi uncomfortable
Most people inna glass house still a throw pebbles
But fear not of evil cause God over devil