Darrio – Jah See It Deh Now Lyrics


Likkle youth a wa that inna yo hand
Yo mad? A weh yo get it from
If yo waan fi live long go gi back the big man

Now yo family a flew
From their beloved community
Caw wi no know a wa that yuh a pree
Yo waan gi wi your own fi free

But seet deh now, yo likkle life inna jeopardy
Gun man a look fi yuh and your family
Yo did hungry but yo take the wrong strategy
Cause badness is not the way

Seet deh now, yo likkle life inna pain
Now yo school friend dem naw si yuh again
Yuh meck badness fly up inna yo brain
Now things are not the same

(Verse 1)
Descent likkle youth weh coming from a strict back ground
As it touch night inna him house him haffi lock down
Him haffi take a book everyday meck him mother si
Cause her biggest dream a fi si him a university
But after a while him start knock head wid the wrong crew
Him stop seh please, and him stop seh thank you
Him find him self pon the corner a take coke
Til dem boost him to do drive by shooting

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Now everybody inna him family haffi deh pon the run
And him mother did a warn him a seh no pick up no gun
Work, school, whole heap a other things him could a done
Mama never expect this out come
Day by day shi use to cry seh shi a fear the worst
And a night when shi sleep is like shi hear di hearse
Shi feel like shi living inna curse
Are son wanted and shi pray seh Jah, Jah, reach him first
Are son gone to the dawgs
Heart ache are only reward
Shi did a warn him seh fi stay inna the yard
Look like him waan stay inna the morgue

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)