Macka Diamond – Sort Me Out Lyrics

When mi waan sort out yo know mi get cross
Anything inna mi head mi just hold a one glass
Mi thing sort out come deal wid it fast
Long time mi a wait come prove yo self boss
Use yo GPS and try no get lost
Foota come down and mi 10 minutes pass
You a tell mi you a dan well come stamp yo class
To how mi thing wet like water pon grass

Bwoy come over and come sort mi out
No have no mercy paw mi baby meck mi womb drop out

Bwoy come over mi alone in mi house
Come meck wi mash up everything the kitchen counter and the couch

(Verse 1)
Mi want yo lift mi up, pull mi down
Lift mi up, pull mi down
stop and wine an till mi come
Stump mi yard and meck mi bwal out
Yo first and last name mi call out
Nails fi bruk and hair fi fall out
If mi run under the bed no bother meck mi crawl out
Just bend up inna S and give mi all bout
Bad man f a that mi a talk bout
Acrobatic no stop it, up inna the attic
Up inna mi target ready fi buss the mathic
Shock it, shock it, then kidnap it
Have mi a spin like bicycle sprakit
Push yo tongue inna mi ear’s and s*ck off mi breast
And when mi bawl out bwoy mi still mean yes
Cold, cold, listen to all mi request
When the rubbers dem done yo better ride tube less

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Use yo finger tip touch up paw mi clit
Like a clock pon the wall a so mi start tick
Muy bien, gracias…..start talk Spanish
You a mi tailor so mi cyaa fi get stitch
Stab it, stab it
Stab it, stab it
Meck sure yo don’t come quick like a rabbit

Stab it, stab it
Stab it, stab it
Meck mi feel pain like baby mi a have it

Mi want yo fi beat up the kettay
Open up hey bwoy mi want yo fi take it
Score inna mi goal like Gardiner and Peppie
Meck mi wine calypso paw reggae

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)