Christopher Martin – Never Cheat Lyrics

Chat all you want
Mi know mi never cheat
You can stay deh talk
God know seh mi never dweet girl

Chat all you want
A think yo need fi go sleep
You can stay deh talk
Yo no si yo friend deh mad over me girl

(Verse 1)
Si all the news weh dem a carry
And the text weh dem a send
No listen to dem
And all the roomers dem a spread
And a seh you an dem a friend
How shi a look mi then
Shi si mi pon the road and ask mi if a foreign you gone
And if yo gone fi long meck supn gwaan
Shi si mi inna the club and write are number inna mi palm
And still mi never let are inna mi arm

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Baby gwaan listen to yo friend dem
Gwaan listen to yo friend dem
A take dem waan fi take mi weh
Take mi weh
Now baby tell mi how long
You a carry this pon yo chest an waan fi ask mi
Mi done tell you how it go
Yo still a class mi
Why yo cyaa believe it seh yo friend a stalk mi
Shi know mi treat yo good that why shi waan a piece of mi
But mi no give are none, no mi no give are
Shi waan mi give yo bun
A could a wa do are
Shi a snake come a gwaan like shi slick
Shi look good but it never worth it

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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